Criminals too???

According to Representative James Clyburn, healthcare opponents are criminals for aiding terrorism. I thought only conservatives– i.e. “the white right”– were capable of such unspeakable name calling.

I thought that I would share a few more gems from the “left” so to keep the playing field level.

In no particular order:
“Un-American”- Nancy Pelosi & Steny Hoyer
Implied reference to Nazis- Nancy Pelosi
Implied reference to the Ku Klux Klan- Rep. John Dingell
Using the same ideology that led Timothy McVeigh to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City- Rep. Brian Baird
“Racists”-¬†President Carter
“Sabotaging Democracy”- Harry Reid
“Good TV”- Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary
“Fear(ful) and Ignorant”- Katie Couric & the New York Times
“Lizard brain part of this country” and “Nuts”- Keith Olbermann
And finally, drumroll please, “rude”- President Barack Obama


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