The Celebrity

The celebrity is an individual who is famous for a particular reason such as acting, hitting a golf ball, or can sing. These people are held in such high regard that they are asked questions about a variety of topics such as who should be president to health care to raising money.

The question I have is why?

Matt Damon, an actor, did an interview on CBS news where he was asked about Sarah Palin. Damon went off about her qualifications. Here is the video:

The question I have is this. How do you make the leap from dinosaurs to nuclear weapons is beyond me? What possible link is there?

The scary thought is that people think someone who is known for being able to recite words that someone else wrote is a credible source for advice on the issues affecting the world. When giving the chance to express an independent thought- he links dinosaurs to nuclear weapons.

Now, with Tom Hanks telling us why we are fighting the war on terror, I think Glenn Beck can explain why we shouldn’t listen to the celebrity who has no cliue as to what they are talking about using P. Diddy’s evaluation of Sarah Palin’s qualifications as as an example.


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